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Amelia Langley

  • Research Expertise:PhD in Fundamental Electrochemistry: studied electrochemical phenomena (oscillatory and chaotic current traces) and corrosion mechanisms for copper and copper-nickel microelectrodes in marine environments at 'high' voltages (up to 5 V vs. SCE). This was done using voltammetry and chronoamperometry in conjunction with characterisation techniques such as SEM, EDX and Raman spectroscopy. Beyond my PhD, my experience in electrochemistry is vast and spans over 7 years in academia across three different universities and the offshore energy industry, including: - electrodeposition of polymers and metals (Bi, Pt, Au, Ag, Cu), - impedance spectroscopy for supercapacitor applications, - fuel cell technology involving graphitic carbon nitride, palladium membranes and photoelectrochemistry, - perovskite electrocatalysts for energy storage applications, - spectroelectrochemistry of spiropyran molecules for molecular electronics, - redox characterisaton of air-sensitive organic compoounds. - Electrochemistry of ALD-deposited films.
  • Disciplines:Electrochemistry, Surface and interface chemistry, Sensors, biosensors and smart sensors not elsewhere classified
  • Research techniques:Electrochemical cell setup for 2-4 electrode systems in glove boxes, on an open bench and using optically transparent thin layer electrochemical (OTTLE) cells, in aqueous and organic systems. Electrode modifications: Electrodeposition of metals or polymers and drop casting. Electrochemical techniquies: Voltammetry, chrono methods, differential pulse voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and spectroelectrochemistry. Fabrication: epoxy-based microelectrode fabrication, custom electrochemical cell builds. Programming: Writing software (Python) to control external voltage sources and process data.
  • Users of research expertise:All users are welcome to contact me - I am completely open to all areas of research and have contacts in a vast array of disciplines in academia and industry inlcuding ALD, Fundamental Electrochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Molecular Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and beyond. If I can't help, I will try and find someone who can.