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Worlds of distributive justice preferences: Individual- and country-level profiles of support for equality, equity and need

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Based on welfare regime theory, scholars have tried to understand cross-national differences in solidarity by constructing 'worlds of welfare attitudes'. Most studies use a variable-centred logic to examine quantitative differences in support for the delivery of welfare provisions. Yet, the worlds of attitudes approach implies that qualitatively distinct logics of social justice exist. Thus, an alternative person-centred approach is needed that uncovers clusters of beliefs about the preferred type of welfare system. This article assesses individual- and country-level profiles of preferences for the principles of equality, equity and need to dissect worlds of distributive justice preferences. Multilevel latent profile analysis is applied to European Social Survey data (2018/2019). Results reveal four individual profiles that each combine distinct preferences for equality, equity and need. On the basis of the distribution of these individual profiles, three country profiles or worlds of distributive justice preferences are identified, which are not institutionally structured.
Journal: Social Science Research
ISSN: 0049-089X
Volume: 106
Publication year:2022