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Is what’s past prologue? A review and agenda for contemporary employability research

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Employability, commonly conceptualized as one’s ability to realize job opportunities within and between employers over time, has attracted considerable attention from diverse academic disciplines for decades. Research in these disciplines has largely evolved independent of the others, thus limiting the accumulation, validation, advancement, and utility of employability. Two central stakeholders in much of this research are employers and employees, yet the vast majority of studies since the year 2000 fails to explicitly consider this interdependence, and it instead is characterized by an overwhelming emphasis on the employee and individual agency. Conversely, the comparatively limited research examining the employer perspective often excludes consideration of the employee. Our review highlights these characteristics, along with outlining other common critical issues and recommendations for overcoming them. We also articulate how Social Exchange Theory (SET) can serve as an underlying mechanism to integrate research within and between disciplines, and we also present the strategic employability architecture (SEA) framework based on strategic human resource management to facilitate integration of employer and employee perspectives.
Journal: Academy of Management Annals
ISSN: 1941-6520
Volume: 99
Number of pages: 1
Publication year:2020
Keywords:Economics, business & management