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Volumetric Method of Moments and Conceptual Multilevel Building Blocks for Nanotopologies

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

On the basis of the relationship between charge dimensionality and singular field behavior, it is proven that in a volumetric description of a volume current carrying topology, half rooftops of different binary hierarchical level are allowed without introducing numerical difficulties. This opens the possibility to use a very efficient multilevel hierarchical meshing scheme in a volumetric method-of-moments (V-MoM) algorithm. The new meshing scheme is validated by numerical calculations and experiments. It paves the way toward a much more efficient use of MoM in the description of arbitrarily shaped nanostructures at infrared and optical frequencies.
Journal: IEEE Photonics Journal
ISSN: 1943-0647
Issue: 1
Volume: 4
Pages: 267 - 282
Publication year:2012
Keywords:Electrical & electronic engineering, Applied physics, Classical physics