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Varieties of Post-classical and Byzantine Greek : novel questions and approaches

Book Contribution - Chapter

This chapter draws attention to the importance of studying not only linguistic variation in language, but also the patterned heterogeneity that can be related to it U+2013 in other words, linguistic varieties. Whereas the presence of varieties such as foreigner talk, female speech, colloquial language, etc. in the Classical period has received considerable attention, much less work has been done on the Post-classical and Byzantine periods, a situation which this edited volume hopes to remedy. Before outlining the contributions to the volume, we address a couple of central theoretical questions to research on linguistic varieties, such as the relationship between concepts like U+2018variantU+2019, U+2018varietyU+2019 and U+2018variationU+2019, the modeling of varieties in terms of a U+2018variational spaceU+2019, the relationship between varieties, and the different methodologies that can be adopted to study linguistic varieties.
Book: Varieties of Post-classical and Byzantine Greek
Series: Trends in linguistics. Studies and monographs
Pages: 1 - 13