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A unified stochastic framework for robust topology optimization of continuum and truss-like structures

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In this paper a framework is introduced for robust structural topology optimization for 2D and 3D continuum and truss problems. The uncertain material parameters are modelled using a spatially correlated random field which is discretized using the Karhunen-Loève expansion. Spectral stochastic finite element method is used, with a polynomial chaos expansion to propagate uncertainties on the material characteristics to the response quantities. In continuum structures either 2D or 3D random fields are modelled across the structural domain, while representation of the material uncertainties in linear truss elements is achieved by expanding 1D random fields along the length of the elements. Several examples demonstrate the method on both 2D and 3D continuum and truss structures, showing that this common framework provides an interesting insight on robustness vs. optimality for the test problems considered.
Journal: Engineering Optimization
ISSN: 0305-215X
Issue: 2
Volume: 48
Pages: 334-350
Publication year:2016
Keywords:structural topology optimization, robust topology optimization, spectral stochastic finite element method, random field uncertainties