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Unexpected structures of the Au-17 gold cluster: the stars are shining

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The Au17 gold cluster was experimentally produced in the gas phase and characterized by its vibrational spectrum recorded using far-IR multiple photon dissociation (FIR-MPD) of Au17Kr. DFT and coupled-cluster theory PNO-LCCSD(T)-F12 computations reveal that, at odds with most previous reports, Au17 prefers two star-like forms derived from a pentaprism added by two extra Au atoms on both top and bottom surfaces of the pentaprism, along with five other Au atoms each attached on a lateral face. A good agreement between calculated and FIR-MPD spectra indicates a predominant presence of these star-like isomers. Stabilization of a star form arises from strong orbital interactions of an Au12 core with a five-Au-atom string.
Journal: Chemical Communications
ISSN: 1359-7345
Issue: 38
Volume: 58
Pages: 5785 - 5788
Number of pages: 4
Publication year:2022