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Understanding the Physical Behavior of Plasmonic Antennas Through Computational Electromagnetics

Book Contribution - Chapter

This chapter focuses on understanding the electromagnetic response of nanoscopic metallic antennas through a classical computational electromagnetic algorithm: volumetric method of moments (V-MoMs). Under the assumption that metals only respond to external electromagnetic disturbance locally,we rigorously formulate the light-nanoantenna interaction in terms of a volume integral equation (VIE) and solve the equation by using the method of moments algorithm. Modes of a nanoantenna, as the excitation independent solution to the volume integral equation (VIE), are introduced to resolve the antenna’s complex optical spectrum. Group representation theory is then employed to reveal how the symmetry of a nanoantenna defines the modes’ properties and determines the antenna’s optical response. Through such a treatment, a set of tools that can systematically treat the interaction of light with a nanoantenna is developed, paving the road for future nanoantenna design.
Book: Nanoplasmonics - Fundamentals and Applications
Pages: 117 - 140
Publication year:2017