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Un patrimoine insoupçonné. Charpentes en bois, métal et béton armé dans les églises de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, 1830-1940

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Unexpected Heritage. Timber, Metal and Reinforced-Concrete Roof Structures in the Churches of the Brussels-Capital Region, 1830-1940.--- From Belgium's independence in 1830 until the Second World War, Brussels' constant population growth required numerous new churches. Taking into account architectural, aesthetic and liturgical parameters, these churches are complex buildings with adequate structural solutions. Through the study of their timber, metal and reinforced-concrete roof trusses, this study sheds a new light on technical and structural aspects of these churches, which until today have been mostly studied from architectural and stylistic points of view. Through the combination of on-site measurements and archival research, this publication unravels an unexpected heritage. Moreover, it aims at serving as incentive to appreciate heritage and historical values of churches beyond their visible forms and decorations, by taking into account the complex and innovative characteristics of their roof structures.
Number of pages: 250
Publication year:2021