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Tussen wens en werkelijkheid : uitdagingen voor een 'geïntegreerde' politie

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In this article, we reflect on the current structure of the Belgian police. We briefly discuss the run-up to the police reform, the objectives of the reform and the changes implemented since. We subsequently describe the current police structure and reflect on the extent to which this structure corresponds to the bottlenecks of the three separate police forces that existed before the police reform. We point out some current difficulties and discuss recommendations that respond to these challenges. Throughout this article, we stimulate policy makers, practitioners and researchers to consider the vision for the future of the integrated police (again).
Journal: Panopticon: Tijdschrift voor Strafrecht, Criminologie en Forensisch Welzijnswerk
ISSN: 0771-1409
Issue: 1
Volume: 43
Pages: 6 - 28
Publication year:2022
Embargoed until:01/03/2023