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Tunable white emission of silver-sulfur-zeolites as single-phase LED phosphors

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Metal clusters confined inside zeolite materials display remarkable luminescent properties, making them very suitable as potential alternative phosphors in white LED applications. However, up to date, only single-color emitters have been reported for luminescent metal-exchanged zeolites. In this study, we synthesized and characterized white emitting silver-sulfur zeolites, which show a remarkable color tunability upon the incorporation of silver species in highly luminescent sulfur-zeolites. Via a combined steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy characterization, we suggest that the observed luminescence and tunability arise from the presence of two different species. The first associated to an orange-red emitting silver cluster (Ag-CL), whereas the second is related to a blue-white emitting S-Ag-species. The relative contribution of both luminescent species depends on the synthesis procedure. It was shown that the formation of the blue-white emitting S-Ag-species is favored upon a heat-treatment of the samples.
Journal: Methods and Applications in Fluorescence
Issue: 2
Volume: 8
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2020