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A Trefftz based method for solving Helmholtz problems in semi-infinite domains

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The wave based method (WBM), which is based on an indirect Trefftz approach, is a deterministic predictionmethod posed as an alternative to the element-based methods. It uses wave functions, which are exact solutions of the underlying differential equation, to describe the dynamic field variables. This way, it can avoid the pollution errors associated with the polynomial element-based approximations. As a consequence, a dense element discretization is no longer required, yielding a smaller numerical system. The resulting enhanced computational efficiency of the WBM as compared to the element based methods has been proven for the analysis of both bounded and unbounded acoustic problems. This paper extends the applicability of the WBM to semi-infinite domains. An appropriate function set is proposed, together with a calculation procedure for both semi-infinite radiation and scattering problems, and transmission or diffraction problems containing a rigid baffle. The resulting technique is validated on two numerical examples.
Journal: Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
ISSN: 0955-7997
Issue: 1
Volume: 36
Pages: 30 - 38
Publication year:2012
Keywords:General & traditional engineering, Applied mathematics