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Treatment of metatarsalgia based on claw toe deformity through soft tissue release of the metatarsophalangeal joint and resection of the proximal interphalangeal joint: Evaluation based on foot kinematics and plantar pressure distribution

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INTRODUCTION: This study investigated the effect of operative claw toe correction with release of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, repositioning of the plantar fat pad and resection of the proximal interphalangeal joint on foot kinematics, plantar pressure distribution and Foot Function Index (FFI). METHODS: Prospective experimental study with pretest-posttest design. The plantar pressure, 3D foot kinematics and the FFI of 15 patients with symptomatic claw toes were measured three months before and 12months after surgery. Mean pressure, peak pressure and pressure time integral per sensor and various foot angles were calculated for the pre- and posttest and compared to a control group (N=15). RESULTS: Claw toe patients have increased pressure under the distal part of the metatarsal head and less pressure under the proximal part of the metatarsal heads compared to healthy controls. After surgery, there was a redistribution of pressure, resulting in a significant decrease of pressure under the distal part and an increase under the proximal part of the metatarsal head, providing a more equal plantar pressure distribution. Except for some small areas under the forefoot, heel and toes, there were no significant differences in pressure distribution between the operated feet and controls. Small, but significant differences between the pre- and postoperative condition were found for the lateral arch angle, calcaneus/malleolus supination and tibio-talar flexion. The score on the FFI improved statistically significant. DISCUSSION: These findings imply that the present operative procedure results in a more equal distribution of the plantar pressure under the forefoot and decrease of pain and offers successful treatment of metatarsalgia based on claw toe deformity.
Journal: Foot and Ankle Surgery
ISSN: 1268-7731
Issue: 7
Volume: 26
Pages: 755 - 762