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Tracking quasi-brittle fracture behaviour of textile reinforced cementitious composites using Acoustic Emission monitoring method

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In this study, the fracture process on textile reinforced cementitious (TRC) composites is assessed using Acoustic Emission (AE) and other non-destructive methods. The footprint of acoustic signals emitted under tension and bending loads is tracked and associated to progressive damage developed as concrete matrix is cracked, textiles elongate, are debonded from the matrix and break in a brittle mode. It is shown that AE localization and signal features analysis can accurately identify the cement matrix crack onset. Matrix micro-cracks progressively formed (due to quasi-brittle matrix fracture behaviour) surrounding the crack-tip are identified and their effect on textile-matrix interface debonding mechanism is discussed. The study aims to enrich the existed knowledge on internal damage mechanisms, contribute to TRC material fracture behaviour modelling and provide feedback to designers that build TRC laminates, key-elements for the pre-fabricated concrete structures of the future.
Book: International Association of Fracture Mechanics for Concrete and Concrete Structures (IA-FraMCoS)
Number of pages: 6
Publication year:2019
  • ORCID: /0000-0002-8473-994X/work/70540195