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The Traceability of Construction and Demolition Waste in Flanders via Blockchain Technology: A Match Made in Heaven?

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The construction sector plays a crucial role in the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society. With this objective in mind, Flanders – the Dutch speaking part of Belgium – makes use of a traceability procedure for construction and demolition waste in order to guarantee that value can be derived from downstream waste processing activities. This article takes this traceability procedure as a legal case study and examines if the use of blockchain technology could lead to even stronger supply chains, better data management, and, more generally, a smoother transition to circular practices in the construction sector.
Journal: Journal for European Environmental and Planning Law
ISSN: 1876-0104
Issue: 4
Volume: 18
Pages: 347 - 369
Publication year:2021