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Towards a viable system model-based organizing logic for IT governance

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A growing importance of IT for organizations results in a growing need for effective IT governance, which effectuates appropriate control over an organization’s current and future IT use. The ultimate goal of this is to enable both IT business value creation and protection. However, the research domain of IT governance is somewhat hampered by a lack of theoretical underpinnings for IT governance and its implementation, which makes it difficult to explain from a theoretical perspective how effective IT governance should be organized, and why. In response, the present research aims to articulate a Viable System Model (VSM)-based organizing logic for IT governance, by drawing theoretical parallels between the VSM and IT governance.
Book: ICIS 2020 : Making Digital Inclusive: Blending the Local and the Global, December 13-16, 2020
Pages: 1 - 9
Publication year:2020
Keywords:P3 Proceeding