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Toward more universal prediction of polymer solution viscosity for solvent-based recycling

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The viscosity of polymer solutions is important for both polymer synthesis and recycling. Polymerization reactions can become hampered by diffusional limitations once a viscosity threshold is reached, and viscous solutions complicate the cleaning steps during the dissolution-precipitation technique. Available experimental data is limited, which is more severe for green solvents, justifying dedicated viscosity data recording and interpretation. In this work, a systematic study is therefore performed on the viscosity of polystyrene solutions, considering different concentrations, temperatures, and conventional and green solvents. The results show that for the shear rate range of 1-1000 s(-1), the solutions with concentrations between 5 and 39 wt % display mainly Newtonian behavior, which is further confirmed by the applicability of the segment-based Eyring-NRTL and Eyring-mNRF models. Moreover, multivariate data analysis successfully predicts the viscosity of polystyrene solutions under different conditions. This approach will facilitate future data recording for other polymer-solvent combinations while minimizing experimental effort.
ISSN: 0888-5885
Issue: 30
Volume: 61
Pages: 10999 - 11011