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Toward a better understanding of the reciprocal relations between adolescent psychological need experiences and sleep

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In two diary studies, we examined the reciprocal daily association between the satisfaction and frustration of adolescents' basic psychological needs and sleep, and the role of stress and fatigue in these associations. In Study 1 (N= 211; 52% female;Mage = 15.86 years,SD= 1.18 years), daily need experiences were unrelated to daily fluctuations in subjective sleep outcomes. However, shorter daily sleep quantity was related to higher daily fatigue, which in turn related to more daily need frustration and less need satisfaction. Study 2 (N= 51; 49% female;Mage = 15.88 years,SD= 2.88 years) extended these findings by demonstrating that daily need frustration related to shorter objective sleep quantity and longer wake after sleep onset, indirectly through higher symptoms of stress. Poor sleep quality also related to worse need experiences via higher daily fatigue. These findings underscore the dynamic interplay between daily need experiences and adolescent sleep.
ISSN: 1552-7433
Issue: 3
Volume: 47
Pages: 377 - 394