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Thermal Issues of a Remote Phosphor Light Engine

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In the quest for mechanisms to improve the lightextraction efficiency and luminous efficacy of solid state lighting,the remote phosphor concept has emerged as a potential solution.Such a concept consists in bringing the phosphor element at aremote location from the LED chip. Early, this technology waspropelled by two premises: a) it allows the phosphor to operate ata lower temperature and, therefore, increases its conversionefficiency; and b) it allows backscattered light to be redirectedtowards the target. This paper addresses the first premise byexperimentally comparing the operating phosphor temperaturein the intimate and remote phosphor configuration applied to thelight engine approach. Results show that, for the topologiestested, the phosphor operates at a lower temperature in theremote phosphor configuration than in the intimate phosphorone.
Book: Proceedings of the 12th Pan American Conference on Lighting
Pages: 291 - 295
Publication year:2013