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The territorial perception of the Duchy of Brabant in historiography and vernacular literature in the Late Middle Ages

Book Contribution - Chapter

The medieval duchy of Brabant was composed of several geographical and territorial elements. This composite structure was generally known, but is not entirely reflected in Brabantine historiography. Canonical texts, both in Latin and in the vernaculars, were structured along the lines of the ducal dynasty, and generally emphasized the indissoluble relationship between the dukes and a more or less well-defined territory. This contribution traces the development of the triangular relation between dynasty, title and territory in narrative texts. In looking for traces of the multifaceted composition of the duchy, it confronts canonical historiography with vernacular epic literature, showing that high nobility looked for a way to integrate its own ancestry into the dominant narrative of the ducal genealogies.
Book: Constructing and representing territory in late medieval and early modern Europe / Damen, M. [edit.]; Overlaet, K. [edit.]
Pages: 277 - 296
Publication year:2022
Keywords:H1 Book chapter