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Technology Experience of Solid Organ Transplant Patients and Their Overall Willingness to Use Interactive Health Technology

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The use of interactive health technology (IHT) is a promising pathway to tackle self-management problems experienced by many chronically ill patients, including solid organ transplant (Tx) patients. Yet, to ensure that the IHT is accepted and used, a human-centered design process is needed, actively involving end users in all steps of the development process. A first critical, predevelopment step involves understanding end users' characteristics. This study therefore aims to (a) select an IHT platform to deliver a self-management support intervention most closely related to Tx patients' current use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), (b) understand Tx patients' overall willingness to use IHT for self-management support, and investigate associations with relevant technology acceptance variables, and (c) explore Tx patients' views on potential IHT features.
Journal: Journal of Nursing Scholarship
ISSN: 1527-6546
Issue: 2
Volume: 50
Pages: 1 - 12
Publication year:2017