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Synthesis and structural characterization of a novel Sillén Aurivillius bismuth oxyhalide, $PbBi_{3}VO_{7.5}Cl$, and its derivatives

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

A new Sillén Aurivillius family of layered bismuth oxyhalides has been designed and successfully constructed on the basis of PbBiO2X (X = halogen) synthetic perites and γ-form of Bi2VO5.5 solid electrolyte. This demonstrates, for the first time, the ability of the latter to serve as a building block in construction of mixed-layer structures. The parent compound PbBi3VO7.5-δCl (δ ≤ 0.05) has been investigated by powder XRD, TEM, XPS methods and magnetic susceptibility measurements. An unexpected but important condition for the formation of the mixed-layer structure is partial (ca. 5%) reduction of VV into VIV which probably suppresses competitive formation of apatite-like Pb Bi vanadates. This reduction also stabilizes the γ polymorphic form of Bi2VO5.5 not only in the intergrowth structure, but in Bi2V1-xMxO5.5-y (M = Nb, Sb) solid solutions.
Journal: Solid State Sciences
ISSN: 1293-2558
Volume: 75
Pages: 27 - 33
Publication year:2018
Keywords:Analytical, inorganic & nuclear chemistry, Physical chemistry, Physics of solids, fluids and plasmas