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Successful application of closed loop stimulation pacemakers with remote monitoring in 3 miniature donkeys with syncope

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Rate-adaptive single chamber pacemakers with accelerometer, closed loop stimulation (CLS), and remote monitoring functionality (Eluna 8 SR-T, Biotronik, SE & Co, Germany) were implanted in 3 miniature donkeys with third-degree atrioventricular block and syncope. After recovery, different pacemaker programming modes were tested at rest, during stress without physical exercise and during physical exercise. Pacing rates were compared to actual atrial rates and showed that CLS functionality allowed physiological heart rate adaptation. A transmitter installed in the stable provided wireless connection of the pacemaker to the internet. Home monitoring was activated which performed daily wireless transmission of pacemaker functional measurements to an online server allowing diagnosis of pathological arrhythmias and pacemaker malfunction from a distance. Closed loop stimulation and remote monitoring functionality resulted in nearly physiological rate adaptation and allowed remote from-the-stable patient follow-up.
ISSN: 1939-1676
Issue: 6
Volume: 35
Pages: 2920 - 2925
Publication year:2021