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Study abroad programmes for all? Barriers to participation in international mobility programmes perceived by students with disabilities

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Notwithstanding the benefits of studying or conducting an internship abroad, to date, students with disabilities hardly participate in international mobility programmes (IMPs). As little research has investigated the barriers to participation experienced by these students, the current study included the participation of 74 students with disabilities attending the University of Bologna (Italy). The results of the online questionnaire indicate that students with disabilities encounter significant financial, technical, organisational, linguistic, psychological, and practical barriers to participation. Furthermore, they indicate that a lack of information about IMPs hinders their participation. Based on these findings, concrete actions are formulated to improve the accessibility of existing IMPs.
Journal: International Journal of Disability, Development and Education
ISSN: 1034-912X
Issue: 1
Volume: 67
Pages: 73 - 91
Publication year:2020