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Strumigenys ants: tiny gems in the study of exocrine gland diversity

Book - Dissertation

Strumigenys is a genus of small and mainly tropical ants that feed on small arthropod prey. They are characterized by a well-developed exocrine system with several glands that are unique to species of this genus, together with other peculiar anatomical features as the petiolar spongiform tissue. The hunting behaviour of these slowly moving ants to catch fast prey such as springtails is based on glandular secretions. We have embedded material of approximately 20 Strumigenys-species (originating from Taiwan and Japan), including workers, queens and males, as well as queens and workers of the elusive social parasite S. mutica and its host species S. formosensis and S. solifontis, We aim to study the functional morphology of the various exocrine glands of these ants, and link it to their behavioural characteristics.
Publication year:2023