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Structured film-viewing preferences and practices

Book Contribution - Chapter

Subtitle:a quantitative analysis of hierarchies in screen and content selection among young people in Flanders
In today’s media cultural environment audiences seem to have access to virtually any movie, at any time, going beyond the traditional restrictions of windowing, programming and broadcast schedules. This chapter goes into the question whether this increased accessibility also resulted into different film consuming practices and preferences, through a survey on contemporary film audiences and their individual feature film preferences and consumption practices amongst 1015 youngsters in Flanders aged 16 to 18. This study comes to the conclusion that structures in film consumption prove to be rather traditional in terms of screen size choices and preferences for local and global media products. In its assessment of these results the chapter discusses the importance of a political economic perspective to audience’s structured practices and preferences.
Book: Digital peripheries : the online circulation of audiovisual content from the small market perspective / Szczepanik, P. [edit.]; et al. [edit.]
Pages: 227 - 244
Publication year:2020
Keywords:H1 Book chapter