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Step-up approach in emphysematous hepatitis: A case report.

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Emphysematous hepatitis (EH) is a very rare, rapidly progressive fulminant gas-forming infection of the liver parenchyma. There is a paucity of literature with regard to pathogenesis, involved organisms, imaging appearance, and management of this condition. We report the successful treatment of a patient diagnosed with EH by adopting a multimodal step-up approach including rigorous fluid resuscitation, early hemodynamic support, broad-spectrum antimicrobial therapy, and percutaneous radiologically guided drainage followed by minimal invasive surgical treatment.
Journal: world journal of hepatology
ISSN: 1948-5182
Issue: 2
Volume: 14
Pages: 464-470
Publication year:2022
Keywords:Emphysematous hepatitis, Septic shock, Step-up approach, Percutaneous drainage, Laparoscopic deroofing