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Standard and Neo-standard in mobile communities. The case of German-speaking Switzerland

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper seeks to address if restandardization dynamics unfold in a migratory setting. The study takes as a test case the double standard situation of contemporary Italian and aims to ascertain to which extent the linguistic repertoire of Italian speakers living abroad remains stable. To this end, we explored the linguistic repertoire of Italian speakers living in German-speaking Switzerland by combining two approaches. A qualitative survey analysis of reported language use showed that migration does not seem to affect the configuration of the Italian varieties in their repertoire. This stability was further investigated in a variationist corpus analysis of 18 syntactic and morphological standard and neo-standard features, in which we measured the role of duration of migration and age. An exploratory Principle Component Analysis does not yet provide a clear indication of stability or change. However, it does suggest that both duration of migration and age may affect the distribution of standard and neo-standard features
Journal: Italian Journal of Linguistics
ISSN: 2499-8125
Issue: 1
Volume: 35
Pages: 213 - 232
Publication year:2023