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Spatial Report Flanders (RURA) chapter 9: space for integration

Book Contribution - Chapter

To describe the space we often use recognizable themes such as mobility or facilities. This can create the impression that the space consists of several rooms that are fairly separate from each other. Reality is of course different. There is only one and the same room in which various complex processes occur that constantly change this space. If we want to intervene in these complex processes, for example for a policy of careful use of space, it is not enough to look at one or more themes. We also need to look at the connections between the various themes to know how the whole works; and how we can steer change. What evolutions do we expect? For this research we analysed four spatial integrators or 'connection makers': built-up fabric, interweaving or the extent to which functions and activities come together in the space, vacancy, reuse and transformation and environmental quality. The choice of these four integrators stems from society's growing demand for careful use of space. However, we expect that in the future we will investigate numerous new integrators, including physical, ecological, environmental and energy aspects.
Book: Ruimterapport Vlaanderen (RURA)
Pages: 396
Number of pages: 58
Publication year:2018