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Spatial Report Flanders (RURA) chapter 4: space for the economy

Book Contribution - Chapter

Economic activities are present everywhere in Flanders and their demand for space will certainly change in the coming years. The economic activities are given a broad interpretation in the Spatial Report. It concerns activities that create a direct monetary added value as well as public services, education or the care sector. We have therefore studied many different activities: production, logistics, construction, retail, restaurants, services, art, recreation, sport, ... What evolutions do we expect? Employment in the tertiary and quaternary sectors is still increasing, but also the secondary sector remains important for the Flemish economy. This leads to specific space demands but also offers many opportunities for the interweaving of functions. This interweaving can take place both between various economic activities and between economic activities and other functions such as housing or energy generation. The preservation and creation of interwoven business locations is important because these ensure that the pressure on available plots on business parks does not increase. At the same time, the surface area of business parks has increased over the past eight years while the open space is already under pressure.
Book: Ruimterapport Vlaanderen (RURA)
Pages: 156 -202
Number of pages: 44
Publication year:2018