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SLIDER: Mining correlated motifs in protein-protein interaction networks

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Correlated motif mining (CMM) is the problem to find overrepresented pairs of patterns, called motif pairs, in interacting protein sequences. Algorithmic solutions for CMM thereby provide a computational method for predicting binding sites for protein interaction. In this paper, we adopt a motif-driven approach where the support of candidate motif pairs is evaluated in the network. We experimentally establish the superiority of the Chi-square-based support measure over other support measures. Furthermore, we obtain that CMM is an NP-hard problem for a large class of support measures (including Chi-square) and reformulate the search for correlated motifs as a combinatorial optimization problem. We then present the method SLIDER which uses local search with a neigborhood function based on sliding motifs and employs the Chi-square-based support measure. We show that SLIDER outperforms existing motif-driven CMM methods and scales to large protein-protein interaction networks.
Book: Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2009)
Pages: 716 - 721
Publication year:2009
Keywords:correlated motifs, PPI networks, local search