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Simulation of pass-by noise of automotive vehicles in the mid-frequency range using Fast Multipole BEM

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This paper studies the feasibility of acquiring the multiple source-receiver transfer functions for the prediction of pass-by noise Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of vehicles with the Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method (FMBEM). Employing measurements and simulations, the influence of frequency resolution, mesh density, mesh accuracy and solver accuracy on the computation time and on the overall SPL and the third octave band SPL is investigated. It is concluded that pass-by noise estimates with an accuracy of about 4~dB within a computation time of less than one day can be achieved in the near future.
Book: Proceedings of the ISMA2010 International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering
Pages: 2331 - 2350
Publication year:2010
Authors from:Private, Higher Education