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Shape Coexistence at Zero Spin in 64Ni Driven by the Monopole Tensor Interaction

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The low-spin structure of the semimagic ^{64}Ni nucleus has been considerably expanded: combining four experiments, several 0^{+} and 2^{+} excited states were identified below 4.5 MeV, and their properties established. The Monte Carlo shell model accounts for the results and unveils an unexpectedly complex landscape of coexisting shapes: a prolate 0^{+} excitation is located at a surprisingly high energy (3463 keV), with a collective 2^{+} state 286 keV above it, the first such observation in Ni isotopes. The evolution in excitation energy of the prolate minimum across the neutron N=40 subshell gap highlights the impact of the monopole interaction and its variation in strength with N.
Journal: Physical Review Letters
ISSN: 0031-9007
Issue: 10
Volume: 125
Publication year:2020
BOF-publication weight:6
CSS-citation score:2
Authors from:Higher Education