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Separating positional noise from neutral alignment in multicomponent statistical shape models

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Given sufficient training samples, statistical shape models can provide detailed population representations for use in anthropological and computational genetic studies, injury biomechanics, musculoskeletal disease models or implant design optimization. While the technique has become extremely popular for the description of isolated anatomical structures, it suffers from positional interference when applied to coupled or articulated input data. In the present manuscript we describe and validate a novel approach to extract positional noise from such coupled data. The technique was first validated and then implemented in a multicomponent model of the lower limb. The impact of noise on the model itself as well as on the description of sexual dimorphism was evaluated. The novelty of our methodology lies in the fact that no rigid transformations are calculated or imposed on the data by means of idealized joint definitions and by extension the models obtained from them.
Journal: Bone Reports
Volume: 12
Number of pages: 1
Publication year:2020