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The role of intergenerational similarity and parenting in adolescent self-criticism: An actor–partner interdependence model

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Research investigating the development of adolescent self-criticism has typically focused on the role of either parental self-criticism or parenting. This study used an actor–partner interdependence model to examine an integrated theoretical model in which achievement-oriented psychological control has an intervening role in the relation between parental and adolescent self-criticism. Additionally, the relative contribution of both parents and the moderating role of adolescent gender were examined. Participants were 284 adolescents (M = 14 years, range = 12–16 years) and their parents (M = 46 years, range = 32–63 years). Results showed that only maternal self-criticism was directly related to adolescent self-criticism. However, both parents' achievement-oriented psychological control had an intervening role in the relation between parent and adolescent self-criticism in both boys and girls. Moreover, one parent's achievement-oriented psychological control was not predicted by the self-criticism of the other parent.
Journal: Journal of Adolescence
ISSN: 0140-1971
Volume: 49
Pages: 68 - 76
Publication year:2016
Keywords:Psychology & behavioral sciences