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The role of film production policy in stimulating a Flemish identity (1964-2002)

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The role of the official film production policy in stimulating a Flemish identity forms the central research question of this study. This research project examines the period that starts in 1964, when a selective and culturally inspired support mechanism for feature films was introduced in Flanders. Subsequently, the support system ran until 2002, when it was structurally renewed. This study makes use of original archival research, policy documents analysis, expert interviews, qualitative press documents analysis, and a quantitative content and qualitative textual analysis of films. The research shows that throughout the course of the second half of the 20th century, there was an evolution in Flemish film policy towards more pluralistic and less essentialist and explicit national discourses, in which national elements, nevertheless, retained an important place.
Journal: Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research
ISSN: 0341-2059
Volume: 42
Pages: 89 - 98
Publication year:2017