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Research integrity training for early career researchers

Book Contribution - Chapter

Early career researchers regularly face ethical dilemmas and questions of integrity during their research. The current chapter explores the practices of research integrity training in doctoral programmes in two countries: Poland and the Netherlands. We analyse and highlight the similarities and contrasts in approaches of both countries, while studying research integrity training in its legal and cultural contexts. The main aim of this research is to provide an exchange of ideas and reinforce good practices across the European research integrity training networks. The chapter also offers insights on research integrity training experiences regarding norms-based and value-based approaches, and scrutinizes the value of formal procedures and case-based training. We furthermore propose a set of guidelines to further reinforce the learnt good practices in research integrity training for doctoral candidates and beyond.
Book: The future of doctoral research challenges and opportunities / Lee, A. [edit.]; Bongaardt, R. [edit.]
Pages: 318 - 332
Keywords:H1 Book chapter