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Repeated loading of cement composite sandwich beams

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Using large lightweight prefabricated sandwich panels offers great possibilities for the renovation of existing dwellings. By facilitating the installation process it reduces the total renovation time to a couple of days. During their life-time, these panels will be subjected to wind loading, equivalent to a repeated loading. The effect of this loading condition on the structural behavior of the sandwich panels was verified experimentally. Four-point bending tests were conducted, both static and cyclic. Results showed that the subjection to different loading-unloading cycles resulted in a residual deformation and a decreased stiffness. After being subjected to a repeated loading, the residual ultimate capacity was lowered with 30%.
Book: Proceedings
Edition: 2
Volume: 2018
Pages: 479-484
Number of pages: 6
Publication year:2018
Keywords:sandwich panel, renovation, composite materials, repeated loading, TRC, textile reinforced cement