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Refining the PIE method (Preselected Items Evaluation) in translator training.

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

This paper explains how to use the PIE method, a criterion- and norm-referenced analytical translation evaluation method, with particular emphasis on translator training. In addition, it sheds light on the test construct and the preparation phase that precedes the PIE evaluation. The source text and item selection, as well as the dichotomous categorisation of translation solutions are discussed in detail. This paper also clarifies and refines two contentious issues in the psychometric component of the PIE method. Firstly, the p-value range, which the authors have revised. Secondly, the calculation of the d-index by means of the extreme groups method. The authors propose two additional methods to calculate the d-index, viz., the adjusted and unadjusted item-total correlation, which, unlike the extreme groups method, take into account all test takers rather than just a set percentage of test takers.
Journal: Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning-E (CTTL-E)
ISSN: 2342-7205
Volume: 8
Pages: 236 - 276