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RedRibbon: A new rank-rank hypergeometric overlap for gene and transcript expression signatures

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

High-throughput omics technologies have generated a wealth of large protein, gene, and transcript datasets that have exacerbated the need for new methods to analyse and compare big datasets. Rank-rank hypergeometric overlap is an important threshold-free method to combine and visualize two ranked lists of P-values or fold-changes, usually from differential gene expression analyses. Here, we introduce a new rank-rank hypergeometric overlap-based method aimed at gene level and alternative splicing analyses at transcript or exon level, hitherto unreachable as transcript numbers are an order of magnitude larger than gene numbers. We tested the tool on synthetic and real datasets at gene and transcript levels to detect correlation and anticorrelation patterns and found it to be fast and accurate, even on very large datasets thanks to an evolutionary algorithm-based minimal P-value search. The tool comes with a ready-to-use permutation scheme allowing the computation of adjusted P-values at low time cost. The package compatibility mode is a drop-in replacement to previous packages. RedRibbon holds the promise to accurately extricate detailed information from large comparative analyses.

Journal: Life science alliance
ISSN: 2575-1077
Issue: 2
Volume: 7
Publication year:2024