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Reconstructing time-varying wind loads from vibration responses

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The feasibility of reconstructing time-dependant wind pressure data from structural responses without incorporating any a priori information about the wind field into the inversion process is studied. To determine the number of meaningful independant vectors available for the reconstruction of the wind field, and therewith the effective level of determinedness of the system of equations, the vibration responses acting as input to the inverse problem are decomposed into generalized coordinates based on the natural modes of the structure in a numerical example. By also determining the propagation of error to these modal components and performing the decomposition for different measurement quantities, the influence of the measurement quantity on the reconstruction is examined. It is shown that the use of an optimal measurement quantity can increase the effective level of determinedness of the system, but that the incorporation of some a priori information into the reconstruction process is essential if one wants to avoid the selection of an undesirable minimum norm solution. © 2008 by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Department of Mechanical Engineering All rights reserved.
Book: Proceedings of ISMA2008 International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering
Pages: 639 - 648
Publication year:2008
Authors from:Higher Education