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Reasons to remember: A functionalist view on the relation between memory and psychopathology.

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Memory is under investigation as one of the core mechanisms of psychopathology. The traditional cognitive view of memory as a stable structure with a range of set characteristics can be complemented with a perspective that considers remembering as a behaviour that varies fluidly across contexts. Remembering may serve adaptation to the environment by fulfilling a directive function, a self-function, and a social function. A failure to fulfil these functions may be a risk factor for psychopathology. Implications of the discussed functionalist perspective include the importance of reinforcing adaptive ways of remembering during early development, the possibility of treating maladaptive ways of remembering through contextual interventions, and the added ecological validity of using ambulatory assessment methods.
Journal: Current Opinion in Psychology
ISSN: 2352-250X
Volume: 41
Pages: 88 - 95