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Quality indicators for community dementia care: A systematic review

Journal Contribution - Review Article

BACKGROUND: There is a lack of an up-to-date body of evidence and a comprehensive overview concerning literature on quality indicator (QI) development for dementia care. Therefore, we systematically reviewed recent literature and formulated recommendations for future research. METHODS: PubMed, CINAHL and The Cochrane Library were searched for studies describing QI development or redefinition for dementia care (from first symptoms until admission to long-term care), published from 2008 to May 2019. RESULTS: We included a total of 7 articles, comprising of 107 QIs. The majority of publications originated from Europe. These applied to outpatient care, primary care and end-of-life care. Most QIs referred to care processes. Several care domains were determined by the authors, ranging from screening and assessment to end-of-life care. The methodological quality of the QI sets differed considerably. The QI sets with the best methodological quality were developed using expert evaluation or a Delphi technique. CONCLUSIONS: It can be concluded that a reasonable amount of QIs for assessing and optimizing community dementia care exists, however, further development and methodological improvements of these QIs are necessary. Involvement of people with dementia and caregivers in the development process and a broader focus including community oriented next to medically oriented QIs are examples of potential improvement measures.

Journal: Eur J Public Health
ISSN: 1101-1262
Issue: 5
Volume: 30
Pages: 879-885
Publication year:2020
Keywords:dementia care, quality indicator, quality assessment, Systematic Review
CSS-citation score:1