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Production of camel-like antibodies in plants

Book Contribution - Chapter

Transgenic plants for the production of high-value recombinant complex and/or glycosylated proteins are a promising alternative for conventional systems, such as mammalian cells and bacteria. Many groups use plants as production platform for antibodies and antibody fragments. Here, we describe how bivalent camel-like antibodies can be produced in leaves and seeds. Camel-like antibodies are fusions of the antigen-binding domain of heavy chain camel antibodies (VHH) with an Fc fragment of choice. Transient expression in Nicotiana benthamiana leaves allows the production of VHH-Fc antibodies within a few days after the expression plasmid has been obtained. Generation of stable Arabidopsis thaliana transformants allows production of scalable amounts of VHH-Fc antibodies in seeds within a year. Further, we describe how the in planta-produced VHH-Fc antibodies can be quantified by Western blot analysis with Fc-specific antibodies.
Book: Single domain antibodies : methods and protocols
Series: Methods in Molecular Biology
Pages: 305 - 324
Publication year:2012