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policy instruments

Book Contribution - Chapter

In Flanders, more than six million people live on more than 1,350,000 hectares: per five Flemings there is therefore about one hectare to live, work, relax, shop, move in, ... Because of the limited area we share, it is important to reconcile the interests and expectations of the various users of space. But also to actively provide space for what society finds important. From the perspective of spatial policy and society, short- and long-term objectives are formulated for how we deal with our limited space. By using policy instruments, such as permits, subdivisions and zoning plans, abstract objectives in the field can lead to concrete actions and realisations. Spatial developments are limited, encouraged or prohibited. The policy instruments therefore enable the authorities at various policy levels to bring together individual and societal needs within the space of the territory.
Book: Ruimterapport Vlaanderen (RURA)
Pages: 61-112
Number of pages: 51
Publication year:2018