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Pick, play, produce

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:revisiting the concept of participation through a quantitative study of film consumption practices amongst youth in Flanders (Belgium)
This article proposes a framework that revisits the concept of participation through three non-mutually exclusive categories: pick, play and produce. Each category involves a different way of participating: through composing media consumption, to extending story worlds through existing materials and expanding media by creating content. In doing so, we question the emphasis on case studies that explore specific contemporary audience practices through the (online) traces left behind by audiences. These case studies are often set as exemplary for broader audience practices. Instead, we propose an approach that builds on the practices identified in these case studies, but starts from general audiences by surveying a representative sample of 1015 high school students aged 16 to 18 in Flanders (the northern Dutch-speaking region of Belgium). Each student completed a 94-question questionnaire in the first half of 2015, designed to measure contemporary film consumption. Our analysis confirms the need to further explore participation; when researching audience practices we find different patterns in participatory practices. A vast majority of audiences picks, about half of all audiences play and only a fifth participates through producing. Furthermore, audiences take part in different practices within and across categories. In short, participation is a multi-facetted concept.
Journal: Trípodos (Barcelona)
ISSN: 1138-3305
Volume: 99
Pages: 73 - 90
Publication year:2017
Keywords:A1 Journal article