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Physician versus Physician: Comparing the Audience of 'On the Constitution of Man' by Meletios and 'Epitome on the Nature of Men' by Leo the Physician

Book Contribution - Chapter

© 2018 selection and editorial matter, Petros Bouras-Vallianatos and Sophia Xenophontos; individual chapters, the contributors. From the dawn of civilisation, people have been posing questions about the specificity of human nature. Such anthropological interests have included thoughts about the generation of man, the constitution of the body, its peculiar relation to the soul etc. The Byzantines, heirs of the Roman empire and its Hellenic culture, were no different in this respect. In the early centuries of their long-lasting empire, systematic accounts of various kinds can be found of the human constitution, presenting a variety of views on the question of what a healthy body should look like.
Book: Greek Medical Literature and its Readers From Hippocrates to Islam and Byzantium
Pages: 153 - 179
Publication year:2018