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Peat in Flemish soil and subsoil in relation to climate and above- and below-ground space use

Book - Report

Detailed information on the spatial distribution of peat in Flanders can be useful for many applications. Although the occurrence of peat can be derived from existing datasets, such as the Belgian soil map, there is no coherent overview of the available information on peat and its spatial distribution on a Flemish scale. On the other hand, many sources and datasets are available for Flanders from which information on peat can be extracted. This large amount of available data allows existing data on peat to be filtered from these datasets to obtain an overview of the occurrence of peat on a Flemish scale.
In a first step, information on peat was extracted from a series of existing datasets containing information on peat for Flanders. This information was then harmonized and merged into a peat database of 61422 observations. Finally, the observations from this database were used as the basis for the preparation of a series of peat probability maps that show area-wide for all of Flanders the probability of the occurrence of peat in a number of depth zones in the subsurface.
The results include area-wide peat probability maps (resolution 50 x 50 meters) showing the probability of peat occurrence for three depth zones (surface, soil profile (up to 1.5 meters) and deeper subsurface (1.5 - 10 meters)). The information from the peat database was used to prepare these maps using Digital Soil Mapping models.
The obtained peat probability maps represent well the spatial variation and probability of peat occurrence. However, for local applications or applications requiring high certainty about the presence of peat with high spatial detail, caution remains necessary and additional field verification may be an appropriate next step. Since peat can occur very irregularly in the landscape, the prepared maps cannot perfectly reflect this variability.
Number of pages: 69
Publication year:2023
Keywords:veen, databank, DSM, bodem, ondergrond, geologie