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Online communication skills teaching for veterinary students using peer feedback by video annotation

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Background: Pre-clinical veterinary students should be able to apply basic communication skills for gathering information, provide feedback to peers and reflect about their own communication skills. On campus experiential learning activities to acquire these skills were replaced by an online assignment following Covid-19 restrictions. Methods: 182 veterinary bachelor students performed a compulsory assignment in groups of three to four students. All students had received four lectures about basic communication skills. Each student performed a 5-10 minute recorded videocall interview with one of their peers about study choice. This was followed by peer feedback by two students from the group and writing a short self-reflective essay. Peer feedback was provided through a video annotation platform which allowed adding comments to the video timeline and responding to previous comments. The students’ communication skills, feedback by video annotation and self-reflective essay were scored by the lecturers using a rubric in the online learning management system. Findings: All students completed the assignment. The students were scored by the lecturer as poor, intermediate or good for the following skills: non-verbal communication, active listening, empathy and providing feedback by video annotation. Non-verbal communication (69%) and empathy (69%) were more frequently evaluated as ‘good’ compared to active listening (52%). The types of questions used and the amount of information gathered during the conversation was rated good or very good for 70% of the students. Only 10/182 students provided poor feedback to their peers, while 46% gave good feedback including positive comments as well as constructive criticism. In the self-reflective essay, most students indicated that the assignment and the feedback provided by their peers was valuable to gain insight into their own communication skills. Discussion: Basic communication skills for gathering information can be trained by online videocall conversations with peers, using peer feedback by video annotation.
Book: ICCH 2020, 18th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare, Abstracts
Pages: 155 - 156
Publication year:2020