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One-Pot Isomerization-Cross Metathesis-Reduction (ICMR) Synthesis of Lipophilic Tetrapeptides

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Subtitle:IF 3.032

An efficient, versatile and rapid method toward homologue series of lipophilic tetrapeptide derivatives (herein, the opioid peptides H-TIPP-OH and H-DIPP-OH) is reported. High atom economy and a minimal number of synthetic steps resulted from a one-pot tandem isomerization-cross metathesis-reduction sequence (ICMR), applicable both in solution and solid phase methodology. The broadly applicable synthesis proceeds with short reaction times and simple work-up, as illustrated in this work for alkylated opioid tetrapeptides.
Journal: ACS Combinatorial Science
ISSN: 2156-8952
Volume: 16
Pages: 342-351
Publication year:2014
Keywords:alkylated tetrapeptides
  • Scopus Id: 84904305765